Our mission is to build a Birmingham based K-12 education incubator focused on identifying, prototyping, and launching innovative technologies, programs, and solutions that positively impact Alabama students, teachers, and families.


Our vision is to build a community of innovative educators that have the tools and resources to rethink the future of how we school children so that together we can disrupt the patterns of educational inequity impacting Alabama students.

About our Founder and Executive Director

Mickey Millsap, Founder & Executive Director

Mickey Millsap
Mickey started k12 Lean Labs in 2015 after working two years as a high school teacher in Sumter County, Alabama through Teach For America.

Prior to TFA, Mickey was the co-founder of uShip.com, a venture back technology start-up in Austin, TX which he co-founded with 2 classmates while earning his MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.
A serial entrepreneur, Mickey is engaged in the Birmingham innovation community as an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at UAB, a mentor in the UAB Innovation Lab at Innovation Depot, and as a facilitator for the Co.Starters entrepreneurial development program. 

When not thinking about the future of K-12 Education, you can usually find Mickey in his backyard working on the perfect barbeque brisket.