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Idea Lab

Are you passionate about education and have an idea to improve it? You are a candidate for Idea Lab - a three-day experience rooted in the entrepreneurial ideas of Design Thinking and Lean Startup. 

Participants come to Idea Lab with an idea and, with one-on-one and group coaching, they will explore the assumptions behind their idea, while simultaneously learning to prototype and test with actual users. 

Participants will leave Idea Lab with a better understanding of their problem, solution, and user, as well as a road map for continual coaching and support.

Apply Here: https://k12eanlabs.typeform.com/to/Tk9XPF 

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The Education Scrimmage
9:30am 9:30am

The Education Scrimmage

The Education Scrimmage is a full-day, immersive event that will bring together Birmingham residents who care about making a positive impact on education and teach them to apply their professional skills to real challenges being faced in the Birmingham community.

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